13710064_1029036360485034_1586678974020239560_nCindy Hoskisson

has worked in clay for more than 30 years. Her area of focus in Raku, however she is also deeply interested in woodfire work and the firing process. She is the coordinator and kiln master for the East Creek Anagama, a position she has held for more then a decade. She also fires regularly with Mark Terry (Prof. George Fox University) at Noble Hill Woodfire. She also occasionally works in pit fire, and has had a series of highly successful pit fire pieces. She has taught ceramics in a variety of environments, and has enjoyed mentoring more then a few young potters. Her current interest is an exploration of images, on Raku non-functional pieces.

IMG_3713Don Hoskisson

Don has been working professionally as a ceramicist for nearly half a century. He began his career in education, teaching at Jarvis Christian College, Arizona State University, and Western Oregon University where he taught Ceramics, Drawing, Design for more than 30 years. His primary medium is porcelain, but he also works in high fire stoneware. Throughout his career he has explored nearly every aspect of clay, where medium, technique and style are concerned. He works primarily with functional, highly patterned pieces, however he has also works with beautiful and imaginative sculptural creations , and hand built and functional wear. He has a deep affinity for pattern and the exploration of geometric shapes. As an educator Don Hoskisson has a vast and star studded progeny of students who consider him to be their mentor.